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john. life is gay and so am i

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Graveyard of trees: The milky green water is a natural phenomenon caused by electromagnetic activity from the lightning hitting the water’s surface surrounding dead trees
Photo credit: Julie Fletcher

by sean landers

A bottle of red made with data.Finding the perfect wine used to mean going to a good wine store, discussing your future meal with a sales person and trying to remember the wine the next time you buy. Now all you have to do is go to a website, like that of Bordeaux-based fine wine merchant Millesima. With data, they can help any customer, anywhere in the world, select the right bottle, for the right meal, the right climate, time of year, you name it. Plus you don’t have to soak off the label to remember the name and vintage when you want to buy it again. Explore more stories →



It was 40 years ago today. A little rock n’ roll musical written by out-of-work actor, Richard O’Brien, premiered at the 63-seat theatre, The Royal Court Theatre upstairs. Young actors Tim Curry, Julie Covington, Chris Malcom, Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Rayner Bourton, Nell Campbell & Paddy O’Hagan made up the original cast. 15 months later, filming began for the film version of the hit musical which would become the longest running theatrical release of all time and the greatest and most well known cult film in history. 

Happy birthday, Rocky!


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we took this trip to garden grove, smelt like Lou dog inside the van



A selfportrait I did while unable to sleep one night

加山又造 月 1983Kayama Matazo moon